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The Operation, Care & Repair of Farm Machinery
Description:"The Operation, Care and Repair of Farm Machinery," Ninth Edition, Published by John Deere, Co. for high school/college agricultural students or their instructors.
Object ID:1970.0001.072;
Time Period: 1920s

Hart Memoir
Description:A hand-written memoir by Ed Hart, with correspondence from Betty Roberson of the White River Valley Museum. The memoirs were written in 1959 and describe life in the White River Valley in the late 1800s. Hop farming and the construction of the Puget Sound Shoreline railroad are described.
Object ID:XX.0592;
Time Period: 1880 - 1960

Thomas Leadman Papers
Description:Ledgers documenting hop farming and building activities, 1998-1918. Personal ephemera of Thomas Leadman. 1. 1891-1918. Thomas Leadman account book. 2. 1887-1900. Account book, authorship unclear. Mentions Thomas Leadman, price of farm supplies and labor, A. Gardella, J. Gouday, other day laborers, and building a barn at Elhi. 3. 1894. Naturalization Papers for Thomas Leadman. 9. 1930. Order of the Court granting guardianship of Thomas Leadman to Marie Leadman or John Sieh.
Context: Thomas Leadman settled in the Stuck River Valley in 1876 and moved to the Puyallup Valley in 1900. He raised hops, fruit, hay. and dairy cattle.
Object ID:XX.0058; Time Period: 1887 - 1930

Future Farmers of America, Auburn Chapter, Scrapbook
Description:Scrapbook newsclippings and photographs of the Auburn Chapter of the Future Farmers of America. Documents student officers, activities and projects.
Context: Future Farmers of America (FFA) was founded as a national organization in 1928. The organization is devoted to argiculatural and leadership education at the high school level.
Object ID:1992.0037.001;

Fordson Tractor Album
Description:Brochures about Fordson tractors and photographs of the tractor being used on small farms, at lumbermills, and in parades throughout Washington state. Some album materials date from 1919-1920, though album may have been assembled later. Also includes brochures for Moneymaker hay equipment, Baker road leveler, a brochure titled "Soil Sense" published by the Dunham Company, Berea, OH, and a brochure for the Ford "Universal Car."
Object ID:1996.0045.001;
Time Period: 1919 - 1945

Farmer's Pocket Ledger
Description:Farmer's Pocket Ledger, 85th Annual Edition, Complements of Western Tractor & Equipment Co., 745 Lucille Street, Seattle 8, Washington. This pocket calendar was produced by the John Deere Company and features several pages with illustrations of John Deere tractors and farm implements. Includes list of 16 John Deere factories and what was produced at each plant.
Object ID:XX.0562;

Poole's Seed and Implement Co Annual CatalogueDescription:Complete Annual Catalogue, 1927, Poole's Seed and Implement Co, Tacoma. Description and photos of seeds and farm equipment. Includes horse drawn farm implements, hand tools, cream separators, etc.
Object ID:XX.0563;
Time Period: 1926 - 1928

Catalog and Price List of Repair Parts for Deering Harvesting Machines and AttachmentsDescription:Catalog and Price List of Repair Parts for Deering Harvesting Machines and Attachments, furnished by International Harvester Company of America, Chicago. Parts catalog for Deering and McCormick-Deering farm equipment. Includes illustrations of many of the parts.
Object ID:XX.0564;
Time Period: 1920 - 1925

Journal of Elizabeth L. (McCallum) Stoughton, 1883-1905
Description:Journal of weather and daily events. First pages list accounts of a millinery operated by Elizabeth Stoughton and Mary Burkhart in Chaska, Minnesota. Daily log begins in 1894 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and documents the weather conditions and daily activities of life on a farm. The Stoughtons moved to Orillia, Washington in 1903 by train.Second journal includes weather and daily events on a farm near Orillia, Washington. Social activities as well as illnesses and complaints of aging are described, as well as occasional comments on world events, generally with a religious perspective.
Context: Elizabeth L. (McCallum) Stoughton (1844-1924) farmed with her husband William (1836-1920). Unlike many farm wives, she kept a daily log of her activities from 1894 through 1922. In the 1880s she had a millinery business and her notes, written in a confident, elegant hand and annotated in Pitman shorthand, revealing her middle-class educational background. .
Object ID:XX.0056.A; XX.0056.B; XX.0056.C; XX.0056.D;
Time Period: 1883 - 1905

C. Natsuhara Contract
Description:Empty form for "Contract for Crates and Boxes," c. 1917, for C. Natsuhara, Auburn, Washington
Context: Chiyokichi Natsuhara came to the U.S. in 1899 and worked on the railroad for two years. He settled in Auburn in 1901 and farmed on the Lochridge place on Boyd Road in southwest Auburn. Mrs. Natsuhara came in 1905. In 1916 they built a store at 620 West Main Street in Auburn which was later operated by his son Frank. He sold oriental foods and farm supplies such as berry boxes, hay, and fertilizers.
Object ID:XX.0518;

Alvord Estate Log Books and Personal Papers
Description:1.Alvord log, 1852-1856, 1860-1864. Record of costs of services and wages. Early section is from Homer, NY. Later section records expenses related to establishing a farm near Kent, WA. Weather conditions are noted daily from 1860-1864. 2. Alvord Family log, 1865-1868 Articles sold to Indians, wages for work, income and expenses from farming near Kent, WA. 3. Alvord family log, 1870-1880. Income and expenses related to farming near Kent, WA. School district 16 is noted in this volume.4. Alvord Family log, 1881-1886. Income and expenses related to farming.
Green Meadow Dairy Records
Description: Records of the Green Meadow Dairy, owned by George Trott. Includes names of cattle and their births, milk sales, and general expenses and income of the household. Includes prices of household goods. Hog account included.
Object ID:1970.0033.0010;
Time Period: 1912 - 1919, 1927

Further Reading
* Available in the White River Valley Museum Library

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