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Clara Beach McLaskey "Golden Tapestry" Poetry Collection
Description:A collection of poetry by Clara Beach McLaskey. Most are unpublished manuscripts. Some were published in a newspaper, clipped, and pasted in this volume. Poems collection bears the title "Golden Tapestry." There are 82 poems in the collection, written between 1935 and 1956. Christmas and other holidays, love, religious themes, friends and family members are the subjects of her poems.
Object ID:XX.0046; xx.0000;
Time Period: 1935 - 1956

Kent Amphictyon Club Papers
Description:Meeting minutes, scrapbooks, and handmade yearbooks of the Kent Amphictyon Club, a book study group.
Context: The Amphictyon Club of Kent was a group of no more than twenty who met regularly to discuss literature. The membership was not explicitly limited to women, but in practice only women were members of this group.
Object ID:1993.0009;
Time Period: 1933 - 1952

Poems of Washington State
Description:Poems of Washington State, by Martha E. Ballard. Collection includes three incribed copies of this book.
Context: The book of poems was published for the 50th anniversary of Washington Statehood. The author lived in the Auburn area and several of the poems in this book reference Auburn or other local places and events.
Object ID:1973.0001.x; 1973.0001; 1992.0010.092; 1992.0010.092; 1999.0002.067; 2007.0007.002; 2007.0007.002;
Time Period: 1939

Scrapbook, Auburn Garden Club
Description:Scrapbook documenting activites of the Auburn Garden Club,1958-1961. Includes newspaper clippings, color photos, and ephemera from club activites.
Context: The Auburn Garden Club was organized in 1924. It was affiliated with the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs, National Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc, and the University of Washington Arboretum Foundation. The club was active in city beautifiction efforts. Women made up the majority of the membership and held leadership roles.
Object ID:1995.0001.006;
Time Period: 1958 - 1961

Auburn Public Library Records
Description:Circulation and financial records of the Auburn Public Library. Includes correspondence related the the construction of the Carnegie Library in 1913-1914. Circulation records, by Dewey decimal class, Borrowers registration, Accession records, listing titles of books and authors, Account ledgers, including librarian salaries and other large expenses, Account ledgers, daily expenses and fines collected, Collection development records. C.A. Cutters 3-figure alphabetic order table.
Object ID:1995.0001; Time Period: 1905 - 1986

Stoliker Family Papers
Description:1. Memoir and diary of a post-WWII (July 1946) family vacation in a camper trailer named "Homer." The Stoliker family passed through Emigrant State Park, OR; Boise, ID; Salt Lake City, UT; Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Mesa Verde, AZ. 2. Installation Sports Bulletin, 1923. Brooklyn (?) New York. Mentions V.M. Stoliker's perfect bowling score, plans for field day for Installation Company Employees. 3. Three family ephemera items (wedding invitation, graduation announcement, history paper)
Object ID:XX.0594;

Auburn Historical Main Street Tour brochure and proofs
Description:Brochure produced by the City of Auburn in 1991 for the city centennial. Includes a map of Auburn and information about historic buildings in the city. Collection includes proofs and notes on changes to the design. A. (2) copies of finished brochure, one in blue and brown ink, the other in teal and brown ink. B. Proofs of the text portion of the brochure. C. and D. Proofs of map, with notation.
Object ID:1992.0000.062;
Time Period: 1990 - 1999

Valley Golden Age Club scrapbook
Description:Scrapbook documenting the activites of the Valley Golden Age Club. Includes photos and news clippings.
Object ID:1993.0008.001; 1993.0008.002; 1993.0008.003; 1993.0008.004;
Time Period: 1969 - 1971

Tillicum Chrysanthemum Society scrapbook
Description:Photos and newspaper clippings documenting the activities of the Tillicum Chrysanthemum Society from 1979 through the 1980s.
Context: The Tillicum Chrysanthemum Society was devoted to cultivating chrysanthemums, exhibiting the flowers and competing locally and nationally in flower shows.
Object ID:1999.0032;
Time Period: 1979 - 1985

Wayland Arms Apartments scrapbook
Description:Ephemera, photos, news clippings, and documents related to the development of the Wayland Arms Apartments for seniors in Auburn. Includes evidence of resident social activites, photos of original interiors, and photos of the rose garden.
Context: In 1939, the King County Commissioners created the Housing Authority of the County of King to provide “decent, safe and sanitary housing for those families unable to obtain such housing elsewhere.” The Housing Act of 1968, promoted by President Lyndon Johnson, allocated significant resources for low-income housing, and there was a surge of construction nationally from 1968 to 1971. In 1968, KCHA built its first development reserved for elderly renters, Wayland Arms in Auburn. A controversial idea at first, elderly housing quickly became politically appealing. From 1969 to 1973, 15 senior high-rises sprang up around the county. [www.kcha.org, retrieved 2009-08-04].
Object ID:1993.0019.001;
Time Period: 1966 - 1979

Washington Auto Touring Guide
Description:Washington Auto Touring Guide: detail maps and road description of all principal roads through Washington. Guide includes advertisements for garages, hotels, and restaurants throughout Washington state. Tacoma to Seattle route includes towns of Kent and Stuck. No date appears, but beneath a map of Vancouver, B. C. drivers are advised: "When in Canada, keep to the left, and not to the right, as in the United States," dating this atlas to before 1920.
Object ID:1970.0046.a;
Time Period: 1915 - 1920

Pontiac Road Maps of America, with helpful tourist information
Description:Pontiac Road Maps of America, with helpful tourist information. Includes Rand McNally maps of roads in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Lists radio stations in the United States; motor, fish, and games laws of each state; and information on crossing borders into Canada and Mexico. Advertises Pontiac products and services.
Context: This map was distributed locally by Hawkins Pontiac Co, Auburn Washington.
Object ID:1970.0046.b;
Time Period: 1950 - 1955

Japanese Auburn Team autograph card, c. 1940 (copy)
Description:Autograph card of local semi-pro baseball team (Japanese Auburn Team) that played in Tacoma between 1937 and 1941.
Object ID:XX.0519;
Time Period: 1937 - 1941

Auburn Mothersingers
Description:Includes programs for musical events in Auburn featuring women musicians, including the Auburn Mothersingers and the Auburn Women's Chorus. Auburn Men's Chorus, Auburn Orchestra, and high school band are also mentioned.
Object ID:1991.0037;
Time Period: 1956 - 1962
Auburn Garden Clubs Ephemera
Description:Ephemera related to Auburn area Garden Clubs A.1931 Program Lochleven Garden Club of Bellevue, Washington. Inscribed Mrs. W. F. [Metta] Jensen, Willamette Studio, Auburn. B. (2) Auburn Garden Club yearbooks, 1935 and 1958-1959 C Leisure Weeders Garden Club Yearbook, 1988-1989 D. Trails Through Chinook District. A guide to communities in the Chinook District Garden Clubs. 1976. Includes inscriptions by Roberta Crisp Morley.
Object ID:XX.0584;
Time Period: 1930 - 1989

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