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Genealogy and Immigration

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Kent and Auburn Newspaper Collection
Description:Bound volumes of local newspapers. See inventory for complete listing of titles and dates.
Object ID:Library;
Time Period: 1893-19

Pinckney Lochridge Scrapbook
Description:Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, ephemera and memoirs related to life of Mrs. Elizabeth Pinckney (Boyd) Lochridge of Auburn.
Context: Pinckney Boyd was born in Oregon in 1867 and soon moved to her her family's farm one mile south of Slaughter (Auburn) Washington. She married Clement Lochridge who had moved to Slaughter as a school teacher. He also built many homes in Auburn and platted portions of the city.
Object ID:XX.0596;

Olson Family Personal Correspondence
Description:Personal correspondence sent to Anna and Alfred Olson or their parents Alfred Olson and Mary Olson Johnson. The collection includes a few letters written by the Olsons. Topics addressed by these letters include: hunting, fishing, and leisure activities; Anna's employment as a domestic worker in Seattle and hop harvester in Yakima; World War I and the Spanish Infuenza epidemic; harvesting and agriculture; Anna's artwork and rag rug business. The Olsons were Swedish immigrants and several letters in the collection are written in Swedish. A complete list of correspondents is available.
Object ID:2008.0024.031; Time Period: 1878 - 1960 Inventory

Auburn Public Library Records
Description:Circulation and financial records of the Auburn Public Library. Includes correspondence related the the construction of the Carnegie Library in 1913-1914. xx. Circulation records, by Dewey decimal class, borrowers registration, accession records, listing titles of books and authors. 010 a-e. Account ledgers, including librarian salaries and other large expenses, account ledgers, daily expenses and fines collected, and collection development records. 021. C.A. Cutters 3-figure alphabetic order table.
Object ID:1995.0001; Time Period: 1905 - 1986

Hollingsworth Family Collection
Description:Documents and ephemera collected by the Hollingsworth family of Pacific. Includes two examples of Victorian hairwork.
Object ID:xx.0590;
Time Period: 1849 - 1901

Goddard Collection
Description:Items related to the life of Albert James Goddard. 1. Obituary, clipped from Seattle Post Intelligencer, 1958-04-23 2. Correspondense from Sadie Dusenbury to Nurse Morrisow, with a poem about the Klondyke and Goddard's adventures there. 3. Note regarding the acquisition of Goddard's rocking chair for the historical society, with notes about Goddard's life.
Context: Captain Albert James Goddard took the first steamboat up the Yukon River. His wife, Clara (Herrick) Goddard was the first licensed woman pilot on the Yukon River. Capt. Goddard was a member of the Seattle City Council from 1891 to 1893 and from 1907 to 1916. He served on the state legislature from 1893 to 1895. He published a pamphlet memoir about his experiences in the Yukon. The couple spent the last five years of their lives in Auburn.
Object ID:XX.0593;

Genealogical research of Olivia Pauley Knickerbocker
Description:Correspondence related to Olivia Pauley Knickerbocker's genealogical research, 1927-1932. John Eiseman, Bertha Gage, Grace Smith, and officials from the state of New Jersey assisted Mrs. Knickerbocker in her search. A copy of Benjamin Schooley's will is included in this series.
Context: Olivia Pauley b. 1871 Cincinnati, OH, was the daughter of Benjamin S Pauley and Rosamond Strebel,. She married Irving B. Knickerbocker in Seattle 1891. From 1927-1932 she sought membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Object ID:XX.0595.0001; XX.0595.0002;

Auburn Newspaper Indexes
Description:Finding aids created for the White River Valley newspaper collection. Includes: 11 typed and handwritten volumes.
Object ID:XX.0449;
Time Period: 1891 - 1990

Spotts family papers
Description:Documents related to the Spotts family of Slaughter/Auburn 1. Tax receipts. 1896-1923. issued by the King Country Treasurers office for "Ballards 3rd to Slaugther." 2. Spotts family ephemera 3. Frances (Fanny) Spotts Frazer genealogical research for Daughters of the American Revolution. Family names include Ryder, Styer, and Battles. 4. 3 Slaughter-era contracts 5. Adam Spotts' Odd Fellows documents
Context: Adam and Lucy Spotts moved to Slaughter from Polk County, IA in the 1880s. Their daughter Fanny attended Auburn High School. Adam was a member of the Odd Fellows.
Object ID:XX.0450;
Time Period: 1888 - 1923

Roberta Morley Papers
Description:Papers related to Roberta Morley's work as Auburn City Historian. 1. Work reports and correspondence related to Roberta Morley's work as city of Auburn historian. 2. draft letter, "From Where I Stand." 1967-10-26. Morley comments on the Pioneer Daughters of Slaughter, the founding of the White River Valley Historical Society and museum, and the Auburn Public Library's management of historical artifacts and records. 3. Folder of sketched and traced maps of the White River Valley and approximate location of historic places. Sketches of Alvord house. 4. Stories and notes.
Context: Roberta Morley was the City of Auburn Historian from 1964 to 1987. She wrote a book about the history of Auburn. She was one of the founders of the White River Valley Historical Society, a memeber of the Washington Pioneer Association, the Pioneer Daughters of Slaughter, and the Washington State Historical Society.
Object ID:1999.0002.084; Time Period: 1964 - 1987

Dr. B. E. Hoye patient account records
Description:List of patients attended by Dr. B. E. Hoye in the Slaughter/Auburn area from 1888-1930. Purpose of doctor's visit is only briefly noted. These records document accounts paid. Patients' names are listed.
Context: Dr. Bartholomew E. Hoye worked as a medical doctor in the Slaughter/Auburn area from 1888-1934.
Object ID:1988.0001.001;
Time Period: 1888 - 1930

Alvord Family Papers
Description:Research and final copies of John Owen's book on Thomas Alvord and the White River Valley, c. 1982. 1. correspondence, 1982-1983, between John Owens and Kathryn Alvord Perkins. Includes memoir by Irving Alvord. 2. proof, White River Valley History, vignettes by John Owens. 3. proof and final copy, Thomas Moody Alvord: Pioneer, Merchant, Trader, Boatman, Farmer of Pialschie, Washington Territory. By John Ownes, 1984, published by White River Valley Historical Society. 4. notes and genealogy of Thomas Alvord.
Object ID:1970.0006.065.b; Time Period: 1855 - 1950

Local history scrapbook
Description:Newsclippings, postcards and photos assembled and annotated by Metta Traeger. Primary subject is early pioneer Ezra Meeker. Several articles by C. T. Conover and other articles about early Auburn settlers are included. Photographs of Olive Young Mallett and Cora Baker, stories about diversion of the White River, cancelled Seattle National Bank cheques, crochet examples, Seattle area transit history, women's fashion, library history, and stories about Indian life are some of the subjects included.
Object ID:1970.0501.045; Time Period: 1960 - 1965

Auburn Obituary Scrapbook
Description:Collected obituaries of Auburn area pioneers and funeral ephemera. Accumulated between 1920 and 1970.
Object ID:1999.0002.007;

North West Young Buddhist League convention program
Description:Program for the North West Young Buddhist League "CONFAB" conference, March 5-6, 1939, Tacoma (Washingtin) Buddhist Church. The program lists the names of conference registrants from Seattle, Portland, Yakima, California, and the White River Valley. Activites of the League for 1937-1938 are described, including girls and boys basketball scores. An essay on the length of women's skirts is included.
Object ID:1992.0003.061;
Time Period: 1937 - 1939

Japanese Telephone Directory, Tacoma and vicinity, 1939
Description:Japanese Telephone Directory, published in 1939. Includes Auburn and Kent. Published in Japanese with English addresses.
Object ID:XX.0517;

Iseri family records
Description:Inventory and accounts records of Mat Iseri, 1932-1933. Lists names of local residents and prices of many consumer goods.
Object ID:1992.0003.040;
Time Period: 1932 - 1933

Hunting Stories, Indian Legends, and other Writings
Description:Hunting Stories, Indian Legends and other Writings of Irving Thomas Alvord, compiled by Kathryn Alvord Perkins, 1990. Includes Alvord family genealogy, legends of the Muckleshoot tribe, pioneer experience of Thomas Moody Alvord, and published stories about hunting.
Object ID:1970.0006.095.b;
Time Period: 1865 - 1945

Papers of Dr. F.D. Merritt
Description:Papers of Dr. F. D. Merritt, mostly from his private practice located in Auburn, Washington. 1. The Standard Bearer (periodical). A Seventh-Day Adventist publication. 2. Pacific Health Journal and Temperance Advocate (periodical). 1892. 3. Storefront Objects - two in/out clock signs and a paper napkin. 4. Almanacs - three almanacs from the 1910s. 5. Advertising Fylers from drug companies and Auburn businesses 6. Medical corrospondence, datebooks, and prescriptions. 7. Medical treatment and medication advertising booklets.
Object ID:1977.0001.140;
Time Period: 1890 - 1970

King County School Registers
Description:These records include information on registration, list names of teachers and students, inventories of movable property, attendance, grades, and visitors. These reports were filed by teachers to the district clerk. Collection includes: District 10 (Springbrook) 1895-1899, 1910-1916; District N, (Meridian High School) 1918-1922, 1936-1937, 1939-1940; District 162, (Auburn Central) 1913-1914; District 25 (Thomas) 1892-1895, 1914-1922, 1926-1927, 1931-1949; District 33 (Brace) 1929-1930; District 105 (Tanner) 1914-1915, 1919-1920, 1929-1932; District 138 (Covington/Berrydale) 1903-1908, 1915-1916, 1926-1927; District 413 (O'Brien) 1944-1945, 1949-1950; District 222 (Ham) 1937-1938; District 413/415 (Kent Junior High) 1947-1948;
Object ID:XX.0588;
Time Period: 1892 - 1950

Briscoe Memorial School Correspondence
Description:Correspondence addressed to Reverend Brother P. R. Gibbs, Principal of the Briscoe Memorial School in Kent, Washington. Letters from parents and legal guardians of the students which discuss payment of tuition make up the bulk of the correspondence. Business correspondence regarding the general management of the school, letters from other clergy members in Washington and Ireland, and letters regarding donations from local citizens are in evidence.
Context: Excerpt from: Briscoe Memorial School: 'It was a truly brutal place' By Janet I. Tu, Staff Reporter Seattle Times, February, 16, 2004 "Briscoe Memorial School opened in 1909, built largely with money from a donor memorializing her son, Edwin Briscoe, who died at 29. The school was owned by what was then the Diocese of Nisqually and is now the Archdiocese of Seattle. In 1914, at the request of Bishop Edward O'Dea, the Christian Brothers took over its operation. Founded in 1802 by Irishman Edmund Ignatius Rice, the Christian Brothers order established schools around the world. Originally an orphanage, Briscoe was the only boarding school the order operated in the United States. Over the years, the school began receiving state funds, taking in boys from troubled homes. At one point, it also started taking day students, whose parents typically paid their tuition. About 100 to 160 boys, ages about 8 to 15, would attend Briscoe at any given time. About 10 brothers — men who take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience but are not ordained as priests are — would live and teach there. By the time the school closed, some 7,500 boys had gone through it. "
Object ID:XX.0687;
Time Period: 1912 - 1928

Auburn High School Yearbooks
Description:The Auburn High School Yearbook, including photographs of students and faculty.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1912-1988

Kent High School Yearbooks
Description:Kent High School newspaper/yearbook.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1903-1948

Kent-Meridian High School Yearbooks
Description:Yearbook of Kent-Meridian High School
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1949-1974, incomplete

Kent Junior High School Yearbooks
Description:Kent Junior High School Yearbook
Object ID: Library Reference ;
Time Period: 1959-1988

Auburn Polk Directories and telephone direstories
Description:Lists names, addresses, phone numbers, and (in Polk Directories) professions of residents.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1889-1991, incomplete

REMI Real Estate Multiple, Inc. Listing Book
Description:Real estate listings, including photos of the properties.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1976-1978

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King County Archives
Genealogy Resources of the Washington State Archives and Washington State Library
Wenatchee Valley College Library Research Guide for Genealogists in Washington State
Flewelling, Stan. One Family's Journey to Settle the White River Valley. White River Journal, January 1999.