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Crime, Law and Fire Fighting

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Auburn City Code, 1957
Description:Auburn City Code and Ordinances passed Jan 15, 1957. The city code and odinanced govern administration, buildings, fire, health and sanitation, licenses and taxes, animals, public safety and morals, streets and sidewalks, traffic, public services and utilities, and zoning.
Object ID:1992.0004.013;
Time Period: 1957

Ordinances of the Town of Auburn
Description:City ordinances of the Town of Auburn (formerly Slaughter) passed between 1891 and 1914. 205 ordinances are listed and the specific information of each ordinance is included. City ordinances of this period addressed: sidewalk construction; preventing and punishing gambling; controlling animals; levying street poll taxes; setting speed limits for bicyclists; establishing a free public library; accessioning land; selection of an official newspaper; granting right-of-way to railways; and declaring the construction of boxes in cafes a nuisance.
Context: The town now known as Auburn was incorporated on June 13, 1891. It was originally named Slaughter, but the name was changed to Auburn in 1892.
Object ID:1992.0004.014;
Time Period: 1891 - 1914
Auburn Fire Department Collection
Description:Records of the Auburn Fire Department. Includes meeting minutes, daily logs, and maintenance records.
Context: The Auburn Fire Department was formed over a century ago as a result of a fire in August of 1890. The original department, consisting of volunteer firefighters and a hand-drawn hose cart, was first named the “Auburn Bucket Brigade.” The name changed to the Auburn Volunteer Fire Department in 1908. Object ID:1994.0003; Time Period: 1925 - 1969

Auburn Police Blotters
Description:Log of arrests and complaints. Booking officer noted. Types of crimes and complaints include: lost items and children, drunk, larceny, animal control, prowlers, traffic violations, burglary, and vagrancy. Names of various Auburn citizens are included in these three volumes.
Object ID:2001.0018.001-003;
Time Period: 1945 - 1948, 1950-1952

Harry Tracy, The Desperate Western Outlaw
Description:Illustrated book about Harry Tracy. Over 90 half tones and text-etchings. "A fascinating account of the famous bandit's stupendous adventures and daring deeds." "The most thrilling man-hunt on record including the bold flight from prison, the horrid murders, the insolent and reckless holdups of individuals and entire families, the marvelous escapes from sheriff's posses and bloodhounds.
Object ID:1992.0000.042;
Time Period: 1902 - 1902

Tracy, The Outlaw, King of Bandits
Description:Illustrated book about Harry Tracy: "A narrative of the thrilling adventures of the most daring and resourceful bandit ever recorded in the criminal annals of the world."
Object ID:1992.0000.041;
Time Period: 1908

Tracy; skildringar af den fo¨rrymde liftstidsfa°ngens blods- och ro¨fvareda°d i staterna Washington och Oregon
Description:Account of the Harry Tracy manhunt written in Swedish and published in Seattle, Washington in 1902. This copy belonged to the Olson-Johnson family, who were held hostage by Tracy. Advertisements for the Blue Front Clothing House, Wallin and Nordstrom, and J. H. Holland and Co. are printed on the inside cover.
Context: Harry Tracy held the Olson-Johnson family of Auburn/Kent hostage in 1902.
Object ID:2008.0024.232;

George C. Meade Collection
Description:Justice Court records from 1910-1920 [incomplete]. Records of legal services performed by George Meade in his role as a lawyer in the town of Auburn, Washington from 1908-1916. Records related to the insurance sales business of Meade and Erickson from 1908-1916. Disputes between employers and employees, misdemeanors, and incidents of violence in the community of Auburn, Washington are documented. The records also document transfer of wealth through purchase and sale of property and purchase of insurance.
Context: George C. Meade filled the position of Justice of the Peace in Auburn in 1909. He served until at least 1920. He had a law practice and was a resident agent for the Pacific Branch of the Aetna insurance company. He died in 1922 at the age of 44. Justice courts were created by the Oregon Organic Act of 1848, and were incorporated into the county judicial structure when King County was created in 1852. The Washington State Justice Court Act of 1961 combined the name and activities of the Justice Court with the District Court. In 1962, King County adopted this change through Commissioners' Resolution 24130.
Object ID:XX.0512;
Time Period: 1909 - 1920

Accounts of the Town of Auburn, 1891-1917
Description:Income and expenses recorded for Town of Auburn (Slaughter), 1891-1917. Includes taxes collected and money paid from the general fund. Names of early residents of Auburn are listed if they were hired by the city for any reason. Income and expenses related to special projects and the water fund are also listed
Object ID:1999.0002.002;
Time Period: 1891 - 1917

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