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Coast Salish People

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Hunting Stories, Indian Legends, and other Writings
Description:Hunting Stories, Indian Legends and other Writings of Irving Thomas Alvord, compiled by Kathryn Alvord Perkins, 1990. Includes Alvord family genealogy, legends of the Muckleshoot tribe, pioneer experience of Thomas Moody Alvord, and published stories about hunting.
Object ID:1970.0006.095.b;
Time Period: 1865 - 1945

Muckleshoot Messenger [periodical]
Description:Newsletter produced by the Muckleshoot Tribe in Auburn/Enumclaw, Washington. Includes articles reprinted from other papers related to tribal concerns. This publication also documents the involvement of VISTAs (Volunteers in Service to America) on the Muckleshoot Reservation.
Object ID:1999.0002.085;
Time Period: 1967 - 1968

Muckleshoot Monthly
Description:Monthly periodical published by the Muckleshoot Tribal Council. Aerial photos document another year of progress: an eagle's eye view of the Muckleshoot Reservation.
Object ID:1992.0000.mm;
Time Period: 2000 - 2008

Arthur C. Ballard Collection
Description: Copies of White River Valley Historical Society board meeting minutes which mention publication of the book "Listen, My Nephew' : Myth, Tradition and History on Puget Sound in Western Washington," by Arthur C. Ballard.; Photocopy of the Deposition on Oral Examination of Arthur Condict Ballard Before the Indian Claims Commission of the United States: The Muckleshoot Tribe of Indians on Relation of Napoleon Ross, Chairman of the General Council, Claimant, vs The United States of America, Defendent. November 26, 27, 28, 1951. Seattle Washington. 252 pages; Reminiscences of the Old Slaughter School in School District No. 11, Slaughter Precinct, King County, Washington Territory, as related by one of its pupils, February 9, 1960 [autographed by Arthur C. Ballard 3/15/60]; Letter from Arthur C. Ballard to Daisy Erickson, 1960-03-21, regarding his work writing about the Slaughter School; Davidson Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 3, No. 1, Summer 1957. Issue includes "The Salmon Weir on Green River in Western Washington," by Arthur C. Ballard. Additional information about Arthur C. Ballard and photocopies of his other writings are available in the White River Valley Museum Library.
Context: Arthur Ballard was born on his family's homestead along the White River in 1876. He was a research assistant at the University of Washington Department of Anthropology and on his own initiative recorded a great deal of information about the first peoples of Western Washington. He was also a founder of the White River Valley Historical Society.
Object ID:XX.0685.001;
Time Period: 1950 - 1962

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