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World War I and II

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World War II V-Mail Collection
Context: To save shipping costs for letters to and from members of Armed forces during WW II, V-Mail was devised. Letters were processed at a central location, microfilmed, reprinted and delivered in minaturized form.
Object ID:1995.0049.0001-3; 1991.0029.031;
Time Period: 1944-1945

World War II Cookbooks
Description:Cookbooks published during World War II which provide instructions for making the best use of war rations. Titles in the collection include: 300 Ways to Serve Eggs; Meat in the Meal for Health Defense; How to Bake by the Ration Book; Your share: how to prepare appetizing, healthful meals with foods available today.
Object ID:1994.0010.018; 1994.0010.017; 2005.0021.004; 1970.0001.053 ;
Time Period: 1942-1945

World War II Internment Documents from the Ed and Koko Matsuda Family
Description:World War II Internment related documents collected at Minidoka, Tule Lake and Pinedale, California.
Object ID:1995.0061;
Time Period: 1942 - 1943

Mike and Alice Iseri Collection
Description:Artifacts related to the World War II experiences of Mike and Alice Iseri, especially concerning Mike Iseri's military service and the Iseri family's internment at Tule Lake.
Context: Mitsuo Mike Iseri was born in Sumner and lived in the Auburn area. He joined the U.S. Army prior to the evacuation of people of Japanese descent from the Pacific Coast region. Sumuyo Alice Fujinaga was interred at both the Pinedale and Tule Lake (California) camps prior to marrying Mike Iseri in December 1942. She left the camps to join him at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. Mike Iseri died during combat in France, 1944.
Object ID:1997.0016;
Time Period: 1942 - 1945

Kiyoshi Yaguchi Artifacts
Description:1. "On Japanese Fascism" [handwritten essay] by Kiyoshi Yaguchi 2. (2) photographs of Kiyoshi Yaguchi
Object ID:XX.0509;

Tri-State High School Diploma
Description:Tri-State High School diploma of Amiko Katherine Nekoda (Amy), dated 1943. Amy's diploma from the concentration camp high school in Tule Lake - Newell, CA. She was in the concentration camp when she graduated.
Object ID:1992.0003.054;
Time Period: 1940 - 1949

Camp Harmony News Letter
Description:Two issues of the Camp Harmony news letter: 1942-05-23. Camp Harmony News Letter. 4 pages [fourth page printed in Japanese]; 1942-06-02. Camp Harmony News Letter. 1 page [incomplete issue compared the University of Washington Collection.]
Context: "Camp Harmony" was the Puyallup (Washington) Assembly Center where people of Japanese ancestry were sent in May 1942 before being transferred to other camps. The Camp Harmony News-Letter was first issued on May 5, 1942, just days after the opening of the Puyallup Assembly Center and ended with a souvenir edition on August 14, 1942. The newsletter originally began as the community paper of Area A but expanded with issue 4 to cover the entire camp. The newsletter covered WRA and WCCA announcements, camp recreational and sporting events, births and other community news. Issues ranged from two to five pages long. Throughout its history, the newsletter suffered from periodic paper shortages.
Object ID:1992.0003.055;

Pinedale Logger
Description:Pinedale Logger Vol. 1 No. 3. 1942-06-06; Vol. 1 No. 9. 1942-07-14; Vol. 1 No. 1942-05-23.
Context: This newsletter was published by Japanese-American detainees at the Pinedale (California) Assembly Center.
Object ID:1992.0003.056; 1992.0003.057; 1992.0003.058;

Tulean Dispatch (Magazine Section)
Description:The Tulean Dispatch, magazine section Vol. 1 No. 2, 1942-09-15; Vol. 1 No. 3, 1942-10-01.
Context: Newsletter was published by Japanese-American detainees at the Tule Lake (California) Assembly Center. The magazine section was published semi-monthly.
Object ID:1992.0003.059; 1992.0003.060;

Mrs. E. D. Van Winkle papers
Description:Ephemera, newsclippings, and other items of Margaret Van Winkle. Includes holiday cards, news clippings (obituaries), war ration books, and articles pertaining to Archie Van Winkle, recipient of the Medal of Honor.
Object ID:1970.0087.005;
Time Period: 1886 - 1960

Auburn League for Women's Service records
Description:Meeting minutes and constituion of the Auburn League for Women's Service. Activities of the group included knitting socks according to Red Cross patterns and collecting garments from other clubs. A number of other small women's clubs are listed. Sub-committees of the League were: Social and welfare, day nursery and club for children, home economics, agricultural, medical and nursing, motor driving, general service, and overseas relief.
Context: The Auburn League for Women's Service was organized on May 2, 1918. It was the local branch of the National League for Woman's Service. The group aimed to develop "the resources and efficiency of women in meeting duties to Home, State, and Nation; providing trained groups to co-operate with red Cross and other relief agencies in times of peace and war; rendering special services to government and particularly to the army and navy; and touching all questions of womans' work and welfare." The organization worked to support the World War I effort. Object ID:XX.0579; Time Period: 1918 - 1918

United States Citizens Defense Corps Air Raid Warden Training Artifacts
Description:A. Certificate of Membership issued to F. K. Morris by the United State Citizens Defense Corps of King County War Council to certify that he had completed Air Raid Warden Training. B. Warplane Spotter's Manual. Includes illustrations and descriptions of war planes used during World War II.
Object ID:1970.0001.079;
Time Period: 1942 - 1943

Harold Valentine V-Mail Correspondence
Description:1. V-Mail sent by Harold Valentine to Ed, Bernice, and Mary Jane Everett and L. L. Higgins of Seattle. 2. Three (3) photographs of Harold Valentine. 3. Five (5) postcard images of London, England. 4. One (1) Telegram Items are contained in a scrapbook.
Object ID:1996.0042.001;
Time Period: 1943 - 1945
McBride Marine Manuscript
Description:Notebook filled with poetry and stories composed by a United States Marine. The compositions appear to have been given from one Marine to a second, who annotated the compositions. Ephemera pasted in the book dates to the 1930s, though the text references the "Kaiser" and other World War I imagery.
Object ID:XX.0699;
Time Period: 1918 - 1933

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