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Clara Beach McLaskey "Golden Tapestry" Poetry Collection
Description:A collection of poetry by Clara Beach McLaskey. Most are unpublished manuscripts. Some were published in a newspaper, clipped, and pasted in this volume. The collection bears the title "Golden Tapestry." There are 82 poems in the collection, written between 1935 and 1956. Christmas and other holidays, love, religious themes, friends and family members are the subjects of her poems.Object ID:XX.0046; xx.0000;
Time Period: 1935 - 1956

Object ID:XX.0596;

Auburn League for Women's Service records
Description:Meeting minutes and constituion of the Auburn League for Women's Service. Activities of the group included knitting socks according to Red Cross patterns and collecting garments from other clubs. A number of other small women's clubs are listed. Sub-committees of the League were: Social and welfare, day nursery and club for children, home economics, agricultural, medical and nursing, motor driving, general service, and overseas relief.
Object ID:XX.0579;
Time Period: 1918 - 1918

Pinckney Lochridge Scrapbook
Description:Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, ephemera and memoirs related to life of Mrs. Elizabeth Pinckney (Boyd) Lochridge of Auburn.
Context: Pinckney Boyd was born in Oregon in 1867 and soon moved to her her family's farm one mile south of Slaughter (Auburn) Washington. She married Clement Lochridge who had moved to Slaughter as a school teacher. He also built many homes in Auburn and platted portions of the city.
Object ID:XX.0596;

Helen Gildersleeve Reynolds Papers
Description:Unpublished manuscripts and research notes of Helen Gildersleeve Reynolds. Reynolds moved to Washington state after attending the 1909 Alaska Yukon Pacific exhibition. She taught school in Wilkeson and met her husband Charles Reynolds there. Her interest in local history led her to research the 1855 "White River Massacre" and draft a books on the subject from the perspective of a young boy who survived the incident. She also drafted several autobiographical essays. 1. notes. Transcribed letters from Dr. John I King relating to White River Massacre. letters are dated 1897, 1903. 2. correspondence and newspaper clippings. 1958-1970. to and from local historians and librarians 3. manuscript . "Johnny King, a Six-year-old Hero." Based on the true story of a "White River Massacre" survivor, the story takes place in 1850s Pacific Northwest. Six-year-old Johnny King escapes with his brother and sister while their parents are killed and is helped by "Indian Tom," a friendly Native American who sheltered the children and took them to safety. 4. manuscript. "Old Tom's Cane." A brief, children's version of the Johnny King-Indian Tom story. 5. manuscript. "My First Job." Autobiographical account of Reynolds' first job as a school teacher in Trinidad, Colorado, a Spanish-speaking community. 6. manuscrips. brief, autobiographical essays on racism and racial integration, a letter to Queen Victoria, Los Hermanos de los Penitentes (met during her time teaching in the Spanish Peaks, Colorado). 7. assorted notes.
Object ID:1970.0508.0001;
Time Period: 1950 - 1970

Kent Amphictyon Club Papers
Description:Meeting minutes, scrapbooks, and handmade yearbooks of the Kent Amphictyon Club, a book study group.
Context: The Amphictyon Club of Kent was a group of no more than twenty who met regularly to discuss literature. The membership was not explicitly limited to women, but in practice only women were members of this group.
Object ID:1993.0009;
Time Period: 1933 - 1952

Auburn Business and Professional Women scrapbooks
Description:(21) scrapbooks documenting the activities of the Auburn Business and Professional Women's Club.
Context: The Auburn Business and Professional Women's Club was organized in 1945. It is affliliated with the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. Nationally and locally the group advocated equal pay and opportunities in the work place.
Object ID:1993.0006;
Time Period: 1945 - 1980

Future Homemaker's of America Scrapbook
Description:Scrapbooks of the Auburn High School Chapter of Future Homemakers of America. Includes photos, ephemera from conventions, news clippings, and fashion projects.
Object ID:1996.0021.001;
Time Period: 1949 - 1955

Poems of Washington State
Description:Poems of Washington State, by Martha E. Ballard. Collection includes three incribed copies of this book.
Context: The book of poems was published for the 50th anniversary of Washington Statehood. The author lived in the Auburn area and several of the poems in this book reference Auburn or other local places and events.
Object ID:1973.0001.x; 1973.0001; 1992.0010.092; 1992.0010.092; 1999.0002.067; 2007

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Auburn
Description:Minutes and ephemera of the Auburn Women's Christian Temperance Union, 1893-1920s.
Context: The Woman's Christian Temperance Union was founded in 1873. The group was concerned about social problems related to the consumption of alcohol and were known for their activism.. In 1883 Willard brought the WCTU to the Pacifc Northwest. Women who were previously involved with the Order of Good Templars shifted their allegiance to WCTU. The activities of the organization focused on prohibition of alcohol, but were also closely tied to the woman's suffrage movement..Object ID:XX.0496;
Time Period: 1893 - 1917

Auburn Grandmothers Club scrapbook
Description:Scrapbook documenting the activites of the Auburn Grandmothers club during the years 1958-1979. News clippings, photos, and ephemera are included. The item records the interests of aging women during the post-WWII period.
Context: The Auburn Grandmother's Club was organized on March 25, 1958 at the Auburn Women's Club House. It was affiliated with the National Federation of Grandmothers Clubs of America. The club organized many social activities and raised funds for children in need. The local club was disbanded in 1979.
Object ID:1979.0013.001; 1979.0013.002;
Time Period: 1958 - 1979

Pioneer Daughters of Slaughter Records
Description:Records of the Pioneer Daughters of Slaughter. 1. Meeting Minutes, 1973-1976 2. Meeting Minutes, 1980-1991 3. Constitution and amendments, 1944
Object ID:1997.0009;
Time Period: 1944 - 1991

Auburn Federated Women's Club Records
Description:Auburn Federated Women's Club booklets. Small booklets, some hand made, documenting the membership and activities of the Auburn Woman's Club from the 1930s through the 1980s.
Context: The Auburn Woman's Club was organized in 1917 and federated in 1928. Its original goal was to demand regulation of saloons, a pound for stray animals, and city beautification. Over time the goals of the club changed to reflect the times. In the 1930s the club bought the T.J. Kerr home. When remodeled this club house became a base for not only the Women's Club, but also a springboard for other clubs. A new building was constructed in the 1970s.
Object ID:2006.0015; 1999.0002.x2006.15; 2006.0015; XX.0578;
Time Period: 1935 - 1990

Journal of Elizabeth L. (McCallum) Stoughton, 1883-1905
Description:Journal of weather and daily events. First pages list accounts of a millinery operated by Elizabeth Stoughton and Mary Burkhart in Chaska, Minnesota. Daily log begins in 1894 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and documents the weather conditions and daily activities of life on a farm. The Stoughtons moved to Orillia, Washington in 1903 by train.Second journal includes weather and daily events on a farm near Orillia, Washington. Social activities as well as illnesses and complaints of aging are described, as well as occasional comments on world events, generally with a religious perspective.
Context: Elizabeth L. (McCallum) Stoughton (1844-1924) farmed with her husband William (1836-1920). Unlike many farm wives, she kept a daily log of her activities from 1894 through 1922. In the 1880s she had a millinery business and her notes, written in a confident, elegant hand and annotated in Pitman shorthand, revealing her middle-class educational background.
Object ID:XX.0056.A; XX.0056.B; XX.0056.C; XX.0056.D;
Time Period: 1883 - 1905

Auburn League for Women's Service records
Description:Meeting minutes and constituion of the Auburn League for Women's Service. Activities of the group included knitting socks according to Red Cross patterns and collecting garments from other clubs. A number of other small women's clubs are listed. Sub-committees of the League were: Social and welfare, day nursery and club for children, home economics, agricultural, medical and nursing, motor driving, general service, and overseas relief.
Context: It was the local branch of the National League for Woman's Service. The group aimed to develop "the resources and efficiency of women in meeting duties to Home, State, and Nation; providing trained groups to co-operate with red Cross and other relief agencies in times of peace and war; rendering special services to government and particularly to the army and navy; and touching all questions of womans' work and welfare." The organization worked to support the World War I effort.
Object ID:XX.0579;
Time Period: 1918 - 1918

Auburn First United Methodist Women Annual
Description:Booklet outlines the organization and activities of Auburn First United Methodist Women's fellowship groups. Includes names and addresses of members and officers and a calander of events.
Object ID:XX.0582;
Time Period: 1982 - 1983

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