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Youth and Education

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Future Homemaker's of America Scrapbook
Description:Scrapbooks of the Auburn High School Chapter of Future Homemakers of America. Includes photos, ephemera from conventions, news clippings, and fashion projects.
Object ID:1996.0021.001;
Time Period: 1949 - 1955

Auburn Teenagers Scrapbook Collection
Description:Scrapbooks of Auburn area high school students of the early 20th century. Materials include photos, drawings, notes from classmates, news clippings, and ephemera. Creators: Marguerite Truax, 1918-1922; Helen Knickerbocker, 1912; Laura Patterson, 1925; Ben Franzen, 1940; Nevallia Hart, 1927; Juan Pitt, 1935; Jack Morley, 1931; Maude A. Ryder, 1920; Noelle Devanna, 1926.
Context: Prior to the 20th century Americans generally thought of themselves as either children or adults. More stringent child labor laws and mandatory high school education allowed the concept of the teenager to emerge.
Object ID:1987.0003.001; 1970.0046.028; 1978.0005.120; 1987.0003.001; 1992.0022.002; 1992.0034.017; 1995.0060.001; 1997.0022.001; 1999.0002.006; 1999.0023.001; 2001.0025.001;
Time Period: 1912-1935

Future Farmers of America, Auburn Chapter, Scrapbook
Description:Scrapbook newsclippings and photographs of the Auburn Chapter of the Future Farmers of America. Documents student officers, activities and projects.
Context: Future Farmers of America (FFA) was founded as a national organization in 1928. The organization is devoted to argiculatural and leadership education at the high school level.
Object ID:1992.0037.001; Time Period: 1940 - 1976

Boy Scout Diary
Description:Boy Scout diary produced in 1925 that once belonged to Frank C. Hart of Roslyn, Washington. Contains "useful information for Boy Scouts": history of the Scouts, Scoutcraft, how to become a Boy Scout, badges and insignia, signaling, knots, first aid, etc.
Object ID:2004.0006.004;
Time Period: 1925 - 1926

Handbook for Boys (Boy Scouts of America, 1933)
Description:Handbook for Boys, published by Boy Scouts of America, 1933. First Edition, Nineteen Printing. Contains information related to the youth organization. Overview of scouting, how to progress as a scout, how to earn merit badges, practical skills, and a history of this youth organization are included in this volume. This volume belonged to Glenn Petersen.
Object ID:1994.0002.007;
Time Period: 1933 - 1939

The Book of the Camp Fire Girls
Description:The Book of the Camp Fire Girls (youth club), First Printing, November 1936. Handbook of a youth group for young girls. Contents include camping, leadership, Americanization of foreigners, practical skills, symbolism and nature lore, sports, safety and first aid, etc.
Object ID:1998.0001.006;
Time Period: 1936 - 1939

Stitch Sample Lesson Plans
Description:Samples of sewing stitches with handwritten instructions on how to do each. The lesson plans are labeled sixth to ninth grade. It is unclear whether the samples were created by students or teachers. The pages are enclosed in a handtooled and colored leather folio depicting bluebirds.
Object ID:XX.0055;

The Story of Paper (student work)
Description:Handmade book about the history of paper created by and elementary school student (Glenn Petersen). Probably dates to 1930s or early 1940s.
Object ID:1994.0002.022;

History of Costume (high school student work)
Description:A home economics project on the history of costume, created by Auburn High School student Phyllis Traeger c. 1940s.
Object ID:1970.0501.095;
Time Period: 1942 - 1945

Description:Tri-State High School diploma of Amiko Katherine Nekoda (Amy), dated 1943. Dark blue cardboard cover with gold lettering on the front. Donor notes: Amy's diploma from the concentration camp high school in Tule Lake - Newell, CA. She was in the concentration camp when she graduated. Tule Lake and Newell are very close together and there was discussion at one point what the name of the camp would be. This is why the diploma says Newell and not Tule Lake. Object ID:1992.0003.054; Time Period: 1940 - 1949

North West Young Buddhist League convention program
Description:Program for the North West Young Buddhist League "CONFAB" conference, March 5-6, 1939, Tacoma (Washingtin) Buddhist Church. The program lists the names of conference registrants from Seattle, Portland, Yakima, California, and the White River Valley. Activites of the League for 1937-1938 are described, including girls and boys basketball scores. An essay on the length of women's skirts is included.
Object ID:1992.0003.061;
Time Period: 1937 - 1939

Children's books
Description:(7) Small booklets, published in New York 1800-1840.
Object ID:1970.0006.068a;
Time Period: 1800 - 1840

King County School Registers
Description:These records include information on registration, list names of teachers and students, inventories of movable property, attendance, grades, and visitors. These reports were filed by teachers to the district clerk. Collection includes: District 10 (Springbrook) 1895-1899, 1910-1916; District N, (Meridian High School) 1918-1922, 1936-1937, 1939-1940; District 162, (Auburn Central) 1913-1914; District 25 (Thomas) 1892-1895, 1914-1922, 1926-1927, 1931-1949; District 33 (Brace) 1929-1930; District 105 (Tanner) 1914-1915, 1919-1920, 1929-1932; District 138 (Covington/Berrydale) 1903-1908, 1915-1916, 1926-1927; District 413 (O'Brien) 1944-1945, 1949-1950; District 222 (Ham) 1937-1938; District 413/415 (Kent Junior High) 1947-1948;
Object ID:XX.0588;
Time Period: 1892 - 1950

The Book of the Camp Fire Girls
Description:The Book of the Camp Fire Girls (youth club), Revised Edition, Fifth Printing, 1931. Handbook of a youth group for young girls. Contents include camping, leadership, Americanization of foreigners, practical skills, symbolism and nature lore, sports, safety and first aid, etc. This volume belonged to Shirley Horr.
Object ID:1998.0001.005;
Time Period: 1931 - 1939

Briscoe Memorial School Correspondence
Description:Correspondence addressed to Reverend Brother P. R. Gibbs, Principal of the Briscoe Memorial School in Kent, Washington. Letters from parents and legal guardians of the students which discuss payment of tuition make up the bulk of the correspondence. Business correspondence regarding the general management of the school, letters from other clergy members in Washington and Ireland, and letters regarding donations from local citizens are in evidence.
Context: Excerpt from: Briscoe Memorial School: 'It was a truly brutal place' By Janet I. Tu, Staff Reporter Seattle Times, February, 16, 2004 "Briscoe Memorial School opened in 1909, built largely with money from a donor memorializing her son, Edwin Briscoe, who died at 29. The school was owned by what was then the Diocese of Nisqually and is now the Archdiocese of Seattle. In 1914, at the request of Bishop Edward O'Dea, the Christian Brothers took over its operation. Founded in 1802 by Irishman Edmund Ignatius Rice, the Christian Brothers order established schools around the world. Originally an orphanage, Briscoe was the only boarding school the order operated in the United States. Over the years, the school began receiving state funds, taking in boys from troubled homes. At one point, it also started taking day students, whose parents typically paid their tuition. About 100 to 160 boys, ages about 8 to 15, would attend Briscoe at any given time. About 10 brothers — men who take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience but are not ordained as priests are — would live and teach there. By the time the school closed, some 7,500 boys had gone through it. "
Object ID:XX.0687;
Time Period: 1912 - 1928

Arthur C. Ballard Collection
Description: Copies of White River Valley Historical Society board meeting minutes which mention publication of the book "Listen, My Nephew' : Myth, Tradition and History on Puget Sound in Western Washington," by Arthur C. Ballard.; Photocopy of the Deposition on Oral Examination of Arthur Condict Ballard Before the Indian Claims Commission of the United States: The Muckleshoot Tribe of Indians on Relation of Napoleon Ross, Chairman of the General Council, Claimant, vs The United States of America, Defendent. November 26, 27, 28, 1951. Seattle Washington. 252 pages; Reminiscences of the Old Slaughter School in School District No. 11, Slaughter Precinct, King County, Washington Territory, as related by one of its pupils, February 9, 1960 [autographed by Arthur C. Ballard 3/15/60]; Letter from Arthur C. Ballard to Daisy Erickson, 1960-03-21, regarding his work writing about the Slaughter School; Davidson Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 3, No. 1, Summer 1957. Issue includes "The Salmon Weir on Green River in Western Washington," by Arthur C. Ballard. Additional information about Arthur C. Ballard and photocopies of his other writings are available in the White River Valley Museum Library.
Context: Arthur Ballard was born on his family's homestead along the White River in 1876. He was a research assistant at the University of Washington Department of Anthropology and on his own initiative recorded a great deal of information about the first peoples of Western Washington. He was also a founder of the White River Valley Historical Society.
Object ID:XX.0685.001;
Time Period: 1950 - 1962

The Auburn InvaderDescription:The Auburn High School Yearbook.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1925-1988

NesikaDescription:Yearbook of Auburn High School.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1912

Yee-Lahl-KoDescription:Auburn High School Yearbook
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1920

CriterionDescription:Kent High School newspaper/yearbook.
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1912-1948, incomplete

The DiademDescription:Yearbook of Kent-Meridian High School
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1949-1974, incomplete

Tum-TumDescription:Kent High School newspaper/annual
Object ID:Library Reference;
Time Period: 1903-1904

VandalDescription:Kent Junior High School Yearbook
Object ID: Library Reference ;
Time Period: 1959-1988

Rainier VistaDescription:Yearbook of Auburn Academy
Object ID: Library Reference ;
Time Period: 1931-1953, incomplete

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