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Rental Exhibit

Best Friends:
 Vintage Photographs of Animals and Their People
Curated by Patricia Cosgrove

Beautiful, artistic antique images were selected from archives and collections around Western Washington for this exhibition. Each image depicts a loving relationship between an animal and a person. Looking through thousands of images, museum director and curator of this exhibit Patricia Cosgrove selected 40 of the best on the basis of their artistic qualities.

During the Progressive Era (1880s through 1920s) photography became popular as a way for amateurs to document the everyday details of their lives with the camera. During this time, as people moved from farms to the city, as life became more industrial, our philosophical perspectives of animals and our relationship with them was also changing. These two factors contribute to a Progressive Era tradition of aesthetically wonderful, expressive photographs that can now be found in vintage family albums and local museums. Best Friends: Vintage Photographs of Animals and Their People is an exhibit of photographs reflecting the best of that tradition. Best Friends has been funded by The Seattle Foundation, and is designed as a touring exhibit.

Sample Photos  (click image for larger version)


Each image has been paired with a short piece of poetry or a quote ranging from the words of the Dalai Lama to Anne Landers, which help to make each image relevant, and thought provoking.

Don't accept your dog's admiration
as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
Ann Landers

Rental Package

Best Friends: Vintage Photographs of Animals and Their People consists of:

32, 11 x 14 images framed to 16 x 20, with labels
8, 16 x 20 mounted murals with labels
Sample press release, invite and poster

$125 for the first month, $75 for each consecutive month thereafter. Borrower responsible for pick-up and return from the White River Valley Museum.

Patricia Cosgrove, Director
White River Valley Museum
253 288-7433