A Newsletter of the White River Valley Museum

October 2002

Community Bands

by Dr. Tina Brewster Wray, Curator of Collections


One of the first activities of the community
following the changes of its name from
Slaughter to Auburn [in 1893] was to
form a community band.

Auburn Globe-Republican
Feb. 15, 1924

Erickson Band (1893-1902)
Auburn's first band was formed by Julius Erickson, and appeared on the streets of Auburn for the first time on Decoration Day, 1893. Their eye-catching uniforms consisted of white blouses, brilliant red flannel trousers with white braid, and jaunty red caps with white tassels.

Erickson Band
Erickson Band, 1893    WRVM #3357

Auburn Military Band (1906-1916)
Formed in 1906 under director Prof. H.G. Gerrish, the Auburn Military Band played at dances, concerts, parades and other celebrations. Following the military style, their uniforms were dark blue coats with gold-trimmed collars, dark blue trousers with black braid and dark blue hats. In 1907, John Seavey became the band's director.

Auburn Military Band
Auburn Military Band, c. 1909    WRVM #218

The Auburnians (1925 - early 1930s)
The Auburnians were organized in Oct. 1925 by Kent Emerson and James Reilly. The Auburnians became one of the leading dance orchestras in the Northwest and were engaged for three seasons at the popular Amusedrome dance hall at Redondo Beach.

The Auburnians
The Auburnians, c. 1926    WRVM #1074

Dr. Tina Brewster Wray