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Donate to the White River Valley Museum and Mary Olson Farm!

The Museum and Farm depend on contributions from giving community members just like you! Your donations enable us to provide an invaluable service to the city of Auburn and beyond.

Just think of what a few dollars could do…

$30 will feed the barn cats at the Mary Olson Farm, who are hard at work doing keeping the rodent population in check.

$60 might preserve a series of historical railroading maps like those recently donated to the museum's collection, by allowing the purchase of acid free folders.

$75 would outfit us with supplies for one date of our
Free Hooked on History program series for kids.

$100 could keep the artifact collection warm. It will
cover our heating bill for an average month. With our new environmental system the temperature is maintained at a constant level for the preservation of all artifacts

$150 would purchase apples and cups for 1,000 first grade students who make cider at the Mary Olson Farm

$500 could feed our chickens at the Mary Olson Farm for one whole year!

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       To donate by check, mail to:

       Attn: Donations
       White River Valley Museum
       918 H Street SE
       Auburn, WA 98002

Some or all of your donation may be tax deductable. Please retain a copy
of your receipt and consult a tax professional for your personal eligibility.