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WRVM Journal and Selected Articles

Winter 2015
From the Back Room: Feathers used in Women's Apparel
Featured History: NW Visionary Artists Portray Birds

Summer 2014
From the Back Room: Shoes,Shoes and More Shoes
Featured History: The game farm behind Game Farm Park

Spring 2014
From the Back Room: Carpenter's Know-How
Featured History: Villages, Myths and Special Places

Winter 2013
From the Back Room: Displaying problematic Historic Objects
Featured History: Auburns Carnegie Library

Fall 2013
From the Back Room: Mystery Artifact Revealed
Featured History: New Donation to the Artifact Collection

Summer 2013
From the Back Room: Extracurricular Activities
Featured History: Japanese Heritage Washington Artists

Spring 2013
From the Back Room: Is this book really old?
Featured History: Walking into a secure future.

Winter 2012
From the Back Room: New Photo Accessions
Featured History: Political Squabble Results in Airport.

Summer 2012
From the Back Room: Abstract Art From Nature
Featured History: Growing a Golf Course

Spring 2012
From the Back Room: Writing Auburn's First Laws
Featured History: Aburn's Own Lionese

Winter 2011
From the Back Room: Our Little-Used Music Collection
Featured History: A Japanese American Pioneer Cemetery.

October 2011
From the Back Room: To Big to Scan
Featured History: Briscoe Boys School

July 2011
From the Back Room: Photography in the Wilderness
Featured History: Advice for Ethical Farming

April 2011
From the Back Room:Research Tools Abound!
Featured History: African American Stories in Auburn

January 2011
From the Back Room: Archives Online
Featured History: A Poem for Slaughter

October 2010
From the Back Room: Historic Plastics Can Get Gooey!
Featured History: Story Telling Panels for Farm

July 2010
From the Back Room: Glassware and Sneaky Marketing
Featured History: Guides for Women's Skills

April 2010
From the Back Room: Mourning Paraphernalia
Featured History: A Wild West Logging and Rail Story

January 2010
From the Back Room: Storage of Artifacts is Important
Featured History: Floods, floods and more floods!

October 2009
From the Back Room: Discovering what is in our Archive!
Featured History: Restoring Mary Olson's Farmhouse

July 2009
From the Back Room: Alaska Yukon Exposition Collectable Stuff
Featured History: Suffer for Beauty, A Revealing Look at Women's
History Through Undergarments

April 2009
From the Back Room: Men's Antique Kimono Outfit, a Rare New Gift
Featured History: Restoration of Mary Olson Farm Landscape

January 2009
From the Back Room: Objects from the Funeral Industry
Featured History: Auburn's Our Story

October 2008
From the Back Room: True Crime Accounts of Local Villan Harry Tracy
Featured History: Auburn's Theater History, Part II

July 2008
From the Back Room: Tale of a Trunk: How objects help tell stories
Featured History: Auburn's Surprisingly Rich Theater History
Play It Again – 99 Years of Auburn Show Business

April 2008
Featured History: The Magic of Historic Photographs
Unique Images That Capture the Here and Now of Long Ago
From the Back Room: Adding to the Artifact Collection

January 2008
Featured History: Field Trips Begin on the Farm – Piloting School Farm Field Trips
From the Back Room: Artifact Donations of 2007 and Stories of Miss Wing

Oct 2007
Featured History: Arthur Ballard: Scholar and Neighbor
From the Back Room: Researching Auburn Artist Marguerite Wing

July 2007
eatured History: Architectural Terra-cotta
A Look at Architectural Terra-cotta…From a Current Perspective
From the Back Room: Caring for Fragile Weavings

April 2007
Featured History: Mary Olson Farm Restorations – A Work In Progress
From the Back Room: Auburn's First Ladies of Lacer

January 2007
Featured History: The Demise of the Town of Lester
From the Back Room: Gus Lange, Auburn Production Potter

October 2006
Featured History: America at War, The Art of Propaganda, 1942-1945
From the Back Room: Artifacts from Telegraph History

July 2006
Featured History: Lester, In the Shadow of Stampede Pass
From the Back Room: Big Changes in Downtown Auburn – Cavanaugh Hardware

April 2006
Featured History: Mary Olson Farm - A Glimpse of Early Auburn
From the Back Room: Diamond Mineral Springs Water Bottle 

January 2006
Featured History: The All Japanese American 442nd Infantry Regiment
From the Back Room: The Reign of American Mail-Order Houses, 1870-1930 

October 2005
Featured History: The Treaty Wars Sesquicentennial
From the Back Room: Annual Cleaning Time – Simple Museum Techniques for Cleaning Hard-to-Dust Treasures

July 2005  
Featured History: Auburn's Other Railroad, the Union Pacific
From the Back Room: Independence Day – How We Celebrated

April 2005
Featured History: The White River Valley Steamboat Era 
From the Back Room: Tintype Portraiture in Early Auburn 

January 2005
Featured History: Domestic Policy – Homemaker's Guidebooks c 1890-1920
From the Back Room: Recipes from the Auburn Cookbook

October 2004
Featured History: Auburn's Named Corners
From the Back Room: The Vanity Set, 1890 - 1940 

July 2004
Featured History: Neighborhood – You Live in a Town but You Belong to a Neighborhood
From the Back Room: What They Are, How to Use Them

April 2004
Featured History: Roundhouse Days - Northern Pacific Railway and the Auburn Yard, 1910-1913
From the Back Room: Prudence Penny's Wartime Wisdom 

January 2004
Featured History: Ku Klux Klan in the Valley – A 1920's Phenomena
From the Back Room: Frozen in Time, Winter Sports and Equipment in the Northwest

October 2003
Featured History: White River Rapscallion, An insight into Pacific Property Developer C. D. Hillman
From the Back Room: Picture This, Historic Photos from the Museum's Collection Now on the Internet

July 2003
Featured History: Auburn-Area Church Life 
From the Back Room: She Wore a Teeny Weenie Bikini...But not before 1946

April 2003
Featured History: Flooding, Dams and Renamed Rivers 
From the Back Room: Gone Fishing, Two Traditional Northwest Coast Fishing Tools

October 2002
Featured History: Auburn-area Churches 
From the Back Room: Community Bands 

July 2002
Featured History: Tenas Wawa, Chinook Jargon
From the Back Room: Nature Photographer George Kinkade

April 2002
Featured History: Auburn and Its Railroads, Part II: The Northern Pacific's "Palmer Cutoff"
From the Back Room: A Brief History of Auburn's Early Police Department 

January 2002
Featured History: How Auburn Became a Railroading Town, Part I: The Northern Pacific's "Palmer Cutoff"
From the Back Room: Opening the Time Capsules

October 2001
Featured History: Shirakawa, Stories From a Pacific Northwest Japanese American Community
From the Back Room: Artifact Moves and Transfers 

July 2001
Featured History: Rolling Thunder, Vintage American Motorcycles
From the Back Room: Railroad Semaphore Signals

April 2001
Featured History: Archaeology of the White River Valley, Glaciers Come and Go, Native Village Sites Established
From the Back Room: Blacksmith Tools and Blacksmith as Innovator

January 2001
Featured History: Diversion of the White River – Floods, Homemade Dams, Dynamite and Compromise
From the Back Room: Early Postcards "A Penny For Your Thoughts"

October 2000
Featured History: Issei An Artwork, An Exhibit, and A Way to Honor

April 2000
Featured History: Sawlogs, Shutes and Shingles, the Algona Lumber & Shingle Company

January 2000
Featured History: Old Language Survives in Colloquial Form
From the Back Room: August Cordes Historical Photographs

October 1999
Featured History: How Auburn changed its Street Names, OR, First Street Will be known as Main Street

July 1999
Featured History: Authur Ballard, and the Mythology of Southern Puget Sound
From the Back Room: Butsudan, a Japanese Family Buddhist Shrine

April 1999
Featured History: One Pioneer's Family's Story of War in the White River Valley
From the Back Room: Canoes of the Native Northwest Coast People 

January 1999
Featured History: One Family's Journey to Settle the White River Valley
From the Back Room: Covered Wagons of the Pioneers  January 1999

October 1998
Featured History: A Caboose of Our Own, Building the Caboose in Our Exhibits
From the Back Room: American Quilts

April 1998
Featured History: The Dauntless Desperado: Harry Tracy
From the Back Room: Dolls

January 1998
Featured History: White River Valley Museum Renovations Begin
From the Back Room: School Days Featuring the One-room Stuck School

October 1997
Featured History: Easy Country to Live In, Ethnobotany of the White River Valley
From the Back Room: Auburn Public Market 

July 1997
Featured History: History of Auburn's Pioneer Cemetery
From the Back Room: Hats of the 1920"s

April 1997
Featured History: Issei in the White River Valley, Early Japanese American Experiences
From the Back Room: Irons  April 1997

January 1997
Featured History: The Lost Towns of the Upper Green River Valley

October 1996
Featured History: Renovation Plans at the Museum & Timeline for Building Renovations

July 1996
Featured History: Green River Valley Clay Becomes Architectural Terra Cotta, Meade Pottery & the Northern Clay Company, 1905 to 1927
From the Back Room: The Hops Craze

April 1996
Featured History: "A Strike Now Exists on the Northern Pacific Railway," Auburn and the Great Shop Strike, 1918 -1923
From the Back Room: Women's Sports

January 1996
Featured History: The Road to Nationalization, the Northern Pacific Railway Auburn Yard, 1914-1917
From the Back Room: Patent Medicines  January 1996